Have something in mind?



Sometimes you just can't find what your looking for in a piece of art.  You have an idea in your mind of a size, colors and style, but you need an artist to create it for you.  I love painting and it is my passion, so please contact me and share your idea with me and I will give you a quote and we can see if we can make your creativity come alive for your space at home, office, or even for a gift for someone special. Modern abstract art, nature, contemporary...lets explore. Just email me today and I will get back to you ASAP.  No question left unanswered. Kellygowanart@gmail.com

How much will it cost for a painting?

It depends on what type of painting I am doing and there are sooooooo many to do! Resin, Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media and more! If you dream it I can paint it!

Don't be shy to ask! Just message me and I'll help you through the choices that help get you to the end painting!

Things to think about.....

What emotion do you want to have when you view your masterpiece each day?

What size is best for you?

What colors are you wanting?

Do you like glossy, matte or a mixture?

Do you prefer a specific medium (resin, oil, acrylic, etc.)?

Did you see a certain style online your looking for?

Do you want a painting on canvas or wood?

Or do you prefer paper and a frame...like a watercolor?