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MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:   Fogging Morning is an abstract Acrylic with a silver leaf overlay done on a 1.5" thick canvas with sides painted to match the front so it is ready to hang on your wall. It is very tranquil. I painted this after driving the kids to school on a beautiful morning where the fog was so thick and everything looked so mysterious and peaceful.  

Openness 30 x 30 resin ocean abstract

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:   "Openness" is an abstract resin painting of the ocean done on cradled birchwood with 2" sides and is about 12lbs. It comes ready to hang. Sides are painted the color of soft cream sand. I am in love with the ocean. The colors, the smell, the sound and I love the peaceful feeling I get from looking at it. I use resin, and various mediums mixed in and manipulated with my hands, a blow torch and heat gun. The sides are then sanded and painted. 

The Genesis Group Art Installation Tyler Texas

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:   I am so blessed to have been able to do this art project for Phil Burks, owner of The Genesis Group in Tyler.  He commissioned me to create paintings by utilizing tools at Innovation Pipeline in Tyler along with my modern resin artwork.  The results were stunning, from the cross cut into the wood for the blue piece, to the 3d tree cut out, and the rivers..just amazing. 

Blue Alcohol Resin Mixed Media Commissioned Piece

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  These colors, this process, and listening to music is soooo peaceful to me! It just calms my entire being and I am lost in these moments. This commissioned 20 x 40" is on cradled birchwood and will be finished and off to it's new home soon! #peacefulart #peacefulmusic #artresin #resinobsession #resin #glossypainting #abstractblue #bluepainting #alcoholinks

Cast Away Gray

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  This painting is one of my favorite styles to paint. I just love the ocean, I love the colors, the peacefulness, and painting it! This is a custom order, but one similar can be made in any size. This one is  24w x 54h x 2" cradled birchwood ocean abstract modern resin painting. 

The Bouquet -20x 30 $380 My Love affair with resin

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  Just showing some of the process when I am creating.  I love this piece. It is resin, then alcohol inks and acrlyics and then resin again. 20w x 30h x 2 " cradled birchwood. $380

Finding Your Way 48 x 48

  MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  Finding Your Way is a modern abstract resin painting done on gallery wrapped birch wood with 2 " sides.   it is 45 W x 48H and comes ready to hang.   

The Violin


 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  This is a resin piece that just got its final coat. Bo thought it looked like a The Violin. The resin looks like gorgeous wood. The blue scribbles reminded us of music and the gold line like a string on a Violin! Thus the name.

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Deep Orange Alcohol Ink Resin Abstract

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:   Deep Orange is a brilliant colored piece! It is done with alcohol inks and coated in resin for a high gloss look that really makes the colors pop. It is on an MDF sturdy non-warping board that is 20h x 40w x .75 d inches. It comes ready to hang with nice black edges needing to framing at all. You will want to look at this one all day I promise you. The hints of gold behind the colors of orange and yellow make it seem like it is almost glowing or iridescent. 

Glacier River 21h x 49w $1500

 MORE ART VIDEOS YOUTUBE:  Glacier River is a modern resin abstract painting done on MDF with real stones embedded in it. In the picture you can see a light behind it. This comes with the art, but you can take it off or not turn it on. But it can change colors as well. The painting is 21 x 49" and it is gorgeous. It looks like a clear cold glacier river and I was inspired to paint this beauty from the amazing sites and water we saw on a trip to Gold Bar WA and Oregon. This painting would also be beautiful on a patio.

The Hike Video 36 x 36 each

 "The Hike" is a pair of paintings done in acrylics on 2 36 x 36" .The colors are spectacular showing not only the brilliant fall colored leaves but also the glacier cold waters of the spring fed lake with a snow filled sky and chilly mountain ranges in the background. This painting was inspired by the trips where my mom and dad  us up the highest mountain roads until we came to the best campsite, we would camp, hike, fish and picnic in some of the most scenic places in the United States. 

Ocean Canyon Triptych Vertical or Horizontal

Ocean Canyons were 57 x 21 and could be hung horizontal or vertical. They were on display at Wasabi sushis until they recently sold! If you want one like it, let me know.  I'll make your own unique one.

Glacier Hike commissioned painting

Large Commissioned piece was created after another painting I did called "Haley's Agate", only my client wanted some purple in this one.  It turned out amazing! Enjoy the video please and if you ever have a size and color you want done and style, please message me at kellygowanart@gmail.comSHOW MORE

Deep Waters 30 x 30 $400 abstract resin painting $400

 Deep Waters is a stunning abstract royal blue resin with some pearl white and gray accents.  It is a 30 x 30 2 inch side birch canvas done in resins and various mediums manipulated with a blow torch and heat gun.  I can do this style in any color theme or size for you! This particular piece is for sale for $400 at 

The Nautilus 36 x 36

 $800 - The Nautilus is a 36 x 36 painting done on canvas with 2" sides and comes ready to hang, no need to frame. The background is a mix of darker colors of black, a hint of navy and a teal to show the dark ocean waters. The Nautilus itself is done in a medium which dries shiny. It is not resin. The color combo's of the cream and caramel in the Nautilus are really pretty against the background.  

The Cave

The Cave is a rich combo of earthy tones, bronze, amber, gold, caramel, charcoal gray and a bold contrasting white. This is done in resin infusing various ink mediums and manipulating with a blow torch and heat gun. It is done on a high quality custom birch wood cradled panel. It is a 24 x 36 with 1.5" sides and comes ready to hang.  No need to frame.  It is $450. 

Aquatic Silence Swimming Pool

This piece was a stunning 4 x 4 foot abstract resin painting created to represent and capture the essence of a swimming pool and the reflective light that it creates as well as the peaceful silence it brings from swimming under water and looking at the reflections.   

Jamie's Vision

This one was made for Jamie! She loved one I had like it but wanted some pink! 

Sweet Dreams


I finally got to a painting for myself! One that fits perfectly over our bed and brings a peaceful feeling. I titled it "Sweet Dreams". It is a 21 x 57 resin. I can make you one too. Any size or color theme!  This one is cream white blue navy and gray.

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