Partners and resources

Kelly Gowans Benches and Tables

If you are interested in a custom resin bench or coffee table. CONTACT: Kelly Gowan 214-641-8788

I am enjoying taking my resin art visions and adding them into usable art, such as benches and tables.  I think it would be cool to sit on a beach, but it's a bench! The tables and benches can be transparent showing the wood grain, or they can have my abstract resin art on top in any color themes you like. Then the bench accent color can also be done in any color. Please call Kelly Gowan at 214-641-8788 or email me at

Art Resin

image135 is the company I get my resin from.  It is an amazing product.  So much you can do from it and their videos are hilarious and their support team the best there is!

Interior Designer Wholesale Art Gallery

image136 is where I have recently started hanging some of my geode resin paintings as well as a couple benches.  La Montage art is in Lewisville Texas and they are whole sale to Interior Designers.  Some of the most amazing art I have ever seen and I am honored to be a part of it.  No job is too big for them and they have amazing designers you can work with. You can call Gaylynn at  972-221-3771.

Canvas Materials (canvas and birch panels)


I order all my canvases from Sunbelt Manufacturing. Father and Son team in Gladewater Texas. Best quality, service and prices! They are honest at the day is long. or call Perry at  903-759-5913. 

Wood for benches and such


The Mill is a sawmill in Lindale that is not only filled with amazing cuts of wood to use for my resin benches and tables, but they are filled with talent from their team to build anything you could ever image! or call Nathan at 903-399-9415

House plans and interior designer


Bluejay Design is an interior designer I work with. I do custom paintings for her and her clients. Aubrey the owner, is very talented. She designed this sink! She used lumber from her husbands Mill and the talented Abram Lindvall built it. Aubrey can do house floor plans, interior design and much more.  Bluejay Design Co., / instagram:  Her husband -  Nathan owns The Mill and designs and builds homes. Amazing team to work with for art and design.  Abram (carpentry) 903-316-7643

Aubrey (interior design) 903-279-2920